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Meet Your Designer

by Ben King | Monday April 1, 2019 | Team Focus

“What a beautiful property.”

Quarry View Building Group Designer, Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell, Designer

There would be no higher praise for Quarry View Building Group Designer, Paul Campbell, than to have someone compliment one of his buildings in this way. While others might want to draw the viewer’s eye to the structure alone, with little concern for the bordering sights, Paul believes that a successful design blends in with its surroundings and compliments the property as a whole.

His personal aesthetic tends to be a balance between traditional and contemporary styles, with a deep appreciation for natural materials such as stone, wood and copper. These materials offer a certain level of stability and durability to the buildings they form. Paul admires structures that were built to last. Built to remain. Beautiful buildings that were designed to be lived in and worked in and enjoyed. Perhaps that’s why he yearns to travel to Rome some day and marvel in the Roman structures still standing. Paul notes, “Something that lasts 2,000+ years is a testament to a great design!”

Paul first began working in construction when he was 18 years old and was hired as part of the crew for a local general contractor. The opportunity to transition from a member of the crew to the drafting department came as a blessing in disguise. One weekend while playing football, Paul broke a finger and could not return immediately to hands-on work. His manager knew he was curious about the architectural and design space and arranged for him to train under their senior draftsman. He learned the design software and refocused his energy and sights on heading down the design path.

While studying architecture in college, Paul met Ben King, the Quarry View Building Group CEO and has been a member of the team ever since. He attributes his ability to execute other designers’ and architects’ blueprints, to his days doing construction. Much of his success as a designer comes from knowing what actually can be built. Clients bring their dreams and needs to the table and Paul is able to meet them with an understanding of the building process from conception to reality.

Paul says, “My job is to ask good questions. Questions about how the client pictures themselves moving throughout the space. How do they want the layout to feel? What would they like their view to be when looking out the window?” It is his care for each, tiny detail and an ability to keep the final picture in mind that makes Paul a thoughtful and talented designer.