Relationships built on strong foundations.

Whether it’s timber frame construction, an equestrian facility project, passive house building, an adaptive reuse project, or any other building our customers desire, Quarry View works hard to turn hopes and dreams into reality. 

The mission of Quarry View Building Group is to be known throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Florida regions for our state-of-the-art structures and exemplary service. We strive to create beautiful and specially crafted buildings for our amazing customers. Each project we complete is planned with extreme care and close attention to detail, ensuring our customers are left completely satisfied and with a structure like no other. 

We believe our customers deserve the very best throughout the building process. That’s why we offer services from the pre-construction stage all the way through to the completion of construction. We help clients develop plans, gather the necessary permits, and ultimately construct a legacy building. We take the time to get to know our customers and figure out exactly what they’re looking for in their new construction project.

At Quarry View, we not only value incredible craftsmanship, we also seek to establish long-lasting relationships with each one of our customers. It’s not uncommon for our team to be invited on outings with our customers and their families. This goes to show that we’re not only committed to impeccable design and construction, we’re also committed to building relationships that extend well beyond a build. We give our customers the best experience we possibly can, and in return, we forge friendships with amazing people.

If you’re looking for an excellent customer experience and outstanding craftsmanship when creating your dream building, reach out to us for a quote on your next project.


construction worker using hand tools on douglas fir timber to create a timber frame building