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Barn Design Process: 3D Modeling Meets Old-World Quality

by Ben King | Wednesday June 21, 2017 | Building Tips

Working with a barn builder can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the process. Quarry View Construction’s professional team helps eliminate that frustration and builds quality, long-lasting structures by using technology throughout the barn design process. To share a…

natural wood cupola barn door horse stalls

How to Prevent Barn Fires: What You Need to Know

by Ben King | Wednesday June 7, 2017 | Building Tips

Fire! It’s a phrase no barn owner ever wants to hear. Preventing barn fires is just one way to safeguard your family, horses, and belongings. In an environment filled with dust, wood, and other combustible materials, fire is a very…

cabinets horse stalls white pine black door

Why You Need a Tack Room for a New Horse Barn

by Ben King | Monday May 22, 2017 | Building Tips

Building a tack room allows you to create dedicated space for all your horse care necessities. This will allow you to spend more time with your horse, as you won’t be wasting time digging through a horse stall stacked full…

cupola office space storage

Grow Your Agribusiness Assets with an Agricultural Storage Barn

by Ben King | Monday May 8, 2017 | Agriculture

Whether your farm offers summer produce co-ops or hosts pumpkin patch rides, your agricultural-based company needs space to efficiently and safely store the tools and supplies that power your business. The benefits of adding an agricultural storage barn to your…

horse stalls dutch doors lean to

Barn Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Needed for Happier Horses

by Ben King | Tuesday April 11, 2017 | Building Tips

If you find yourself struggling to maneuver around your horse barn, if you sense your horses aren’t happy in their home, it may be time to upgrade. But exactly what can make your barn a better place for you and…

mass timber party barn fireplace chandelier ceiling fan

Installing Electric in Your New Barn: Things to Consider

by Ben King | Thursday January 12, 2017 | Building Tips

When you’re building a new barn, you’ll need to wade through a laundry list of considerations. One of those is how you’ll handle your power needs. Before you start the construction process, find the answers to these essential questions about…

horse stalls cupola barn doors

Why You Should Hire a Barn Specialist Instead of a General Contractor

by Ben King | Tuesday December 27, 2016 | Building Tips

Whether you’ve been dreaming about a specific barn your entire life or aren’t quite yet sure what type of structure you want, hiring a builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Don’t trust just any contractor to…

party barn metal roof mass timber

5 Easy Tips to Make the Most Out of Your New Storage Shed

by Ben King | Friday December 9, 2016 | Building Tips

You finally bought that storage shed you’ve always wanted. Before you lug everything out of your garage and move it into your new shed, take some time to create a plan to maximize space and create a well-organized place to…

cupola metal roof horse stalls black fence

Metal or Wood: Which New Barn is Right for You

by Ben King | Wednesday May 18, 2016 | Building Tips

Got barn on the brain? The decision to build a new barn is a major one, and your mind might be spinning in a whirl of options. (more…)