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Adaptive Reuse 1800's barn restoration project in PA

Barn Renovation in Montgomery County

by Paul Bahn | Friday August 25, 2023 | Case Studies

Per Whitpain Township historical records, this property was previously known as the McCracken Residence and farmstead. Earliest accounts indicate that the original construction of the barn was 1785 along with its three sister buildings. The three sister buildings were a…

Quarry View Building Group team

Choosing the Wrong Contractor Case Study

by Craig Hoffman | Thursday September 17, 2020 | Building Tips

Starting any construction project with a quality contractor like Quarry View Building Group is key to a successful project. Fortunately most contractors like Quarry View Building Group are skilled and experienced craftspeople that will build your house on-time and on-budget.…

Quarry View Building Group team

What to Look for When Choosing a Contractor

by Craig Hoffman | Thursday January 9, 2020 | Building Tips

Building a dream home is a goal for many of us. Incorporating our vision, taste, style and creativity often drive us to build our version of the American dream. Unfortunately, a steady flow of headlines of wayward building contractors is…

half circle window peak horse stalls

The Reality of Virtual

by Ben King | Wednesday June 19, 2019 | Case Studies

Quarry View Building Group Designer, Paul Campbell, can close his eyes and hear his former college professor saying, “Architecture is the artful creation of space.” Space that is both functional and beautiful. Space that is the perfect size for its…

grand entryway mass timber barn doors

What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Timber Frame Construction?

by Ben King | Thursday February 28, 2019 | Case Studies

Four Differences Between Traditional and Timber Frame Construction Timber frame construction is highly sought after for both residential and commercial spaces even though it is typically more expensive than traditional construction. Before planning your project, check out the benefits and…

horse stalls barn doors cupola

An Old Horse Barn is Made Anew in Middletown Maryland

by Ben King | Wednesday December 5, 2018 | Case Studies

The Challenge: A look at the property prior to starting the project. Paul and Caroline Ritchie of Middletown, Maryland came to Quarry View in 2016 to discuss renovating the existing horse barn they had on their…

cupola red roof mass timber horse stalls

Quarry View’s 10-Year Project Showcase: Part 2

by Ben King | Thursday July 26, 2018 | Case Studies

In Part 1 of our 10 Year Project Showcase, we focused our attention on an indoor riding arena, a beautiful timber frame home, and a gorgeous equestrian facility. In Part 2 of this series, we’ll show you a luxury barn,…

pet spa dog daycare cupola

Quarry View’s 10 Year Project Showcase: Part 1

by Ben King | Friday June 15, 2018 | Case Studies

This summer, Quarry View is celebrating 10 exciting years of serving customers up and down the East Coast. From arenas and barns to homes to commercial buildings (including a pet resort), we’ve worked on it all. Here are three of…

flag mass timber office space

Trucking Company Gets a New Shop and Office in Mount Joy, PA

by Ben King | Tuesday May 22, 2018 | Case Studies

Challenge Family trucking company owners Phil and Ryan Garber of GFI Transport in Mount Joy, PA, approached Quarry View Construction for much needed new facilities. They were servicing their fleet of trucks and trailers in a building they’d outgrown and…

red roof cupola office space

Pennsylvania Excavating Company Moves into a new Custom Warehouse

by Ben King | Thursday April 26, 2018 | Case Studies

We built T.S. Hess & Sons Excavating in Pipersville, PA a new warehouse so they could move the business to a bigger site designed specifically for house excavating equipment. (more…)