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Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center Barn Rebuild

by Craig Hoffman | Friday November 1, 2019 | Commercial

Old is new again at the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center. They’ve partnered with Quarry View Building Group to dismantle, transport and rebuild an early-19th century barn as part of a major expansion of their facility in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. Schwenkfelder…

Quarry View New Project Spotlight

by Craig Hoffman | Friday November 1, 2019 | Commercial

Quarry View Building Group is excited to announce its latest partnership with River Mountain, an exciting new youth wellness retreat designed to get children off digital screens and out into nature to create a life-tech balance. River Mountain in Everett,…

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4 Commercial Workshop Necessities for Your Business

by Ben King | Wednesday September 5, 2018 | Commercial

Whether it’s agriculture, manufacturing, or trucking, if you work in an industry that relies on heavy equipment, your business should have a high-functioning, commercial workshop on site. A commercial workshop allows your team to handle the repairs and maintenance that…

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How to Start a Commercial Building Project for Your Small to Mid-Sized Business

by Ben King | Sunday April 8, 2018 | Commercial

You’re ready to add a new structure to your commercial property or you’ve outgrown your existing building and are ready to move to a new location. Starting a commercial building project requires lots of planning. Whether it’s designing a building,…

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What Makes a Wood Framed Commercial Structure More Cost Effective?

by Ben King | Wednesday January 10, 2018 | Commercial

You can afford a wood framed commercial structure. More accessible materials Wood in its natural form is an excellent building material. The only modification required is cutting the timber to uniform sizes. Most of today’s timber for wood framed construction is obtained…

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Is a Wood Framed Commercial Building Right for Your Business?

by Ben King | Wednesday December 27, 2017 | Commercial

If you are planning to build a small- to mid-sized commercial building, consider the following before deciding whether to build a steel or wood framed commercial building. Cost efficient and durable Steel is an excellent choice for buildings with large…

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Types of Structures to Fit Your Commercial, Agricultural, or Residential Needs

by Ben King | Wednesday September 21, 2016 | Agriculture

Adding a structure to your home or business can be a big decision. Depending on whether your needs are commercial, agricultural or residential, big or small, an addition or a new structure, the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve…