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The Benefits of Preconstruction Services

by Laurel Charney | Thursday March 28, 2024 | Building Tips

Whether it’s commercial development, an adaptive reuse construction project, or a new equestrian facility, the journey from concept to completion can feel daunting. Each stage of the process demands careful attention to detail, proactive planning, and strategic decision-making. Among these…

Design Build vs Design Assist – Which is Best for my Project?

by Laurel Charney | Friday January 5, 2024 | Building Tips

Choosing Between Design Build and Design Assist Construction Companies In the realm of construction, two prevalent project delivery methods stand out: Design Build and Design Assist. Each method brings its unique approach, offering distinct advantages tailored to different project requirements.…

How Hiring a Professional Barn Builder Trumps Buying a Barndominium DIY Kit

by Craig Hoffman | Thursday July 8, 2021 | Building Tips

Barndominiums offer the convenience and flexibility to live and work in the same multi-functional space. That extra room can be used for a workshop, garage or storage area. Some barndominium owners build them to be close to their horses. Others…

Think Spring! Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

by Craig Hoffman | Wednesday April 28, 2021 | Building Tips

Quarry View Building Group loves spring! It’s a season of longer days and renewed growth. The 2021 edition of spring also brings hope of welcoming customers to our businesses and friends and family to our homes after a long time…

How Building Envelopes Impact Your Health

by Craig Hoffman | Friday March 19, 2021 | Building Tips

A building envelope is commonly defined as the separation of the interior and exterior of a building.  It’s the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a structure including the resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise…

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Remodel or Tear Down & Rebuild?

by Craig Hoffman | Tuesday February 16, 2021 | Building Tips

If you’re thinking of buying a home, you’re probably facing many questions. Maybe you’d like to remodel an older, existing home to make it your own. Or maybe you’re considering that same home with the intent of tearing it down…

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Top 4 Interior Design Trends for 2021

by Craig Hoffman | Wednesday January 20, 2021 | Building Tips

At the beginning of every new year, one looks in the past for inspiration and to the future for new ideas. One wonders what will the new season bring? 2020 saw its fair share of home trends, thanks to a…

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Smart Home Design for 2021

by Craig Hoffman | Wednesday January 20, 2021 | Building Tips

There’s a lot of movement in home design going into 2021. The Covid pandemic has restructured the home in unexpected ways since the beginning of last year. In addition to more space for learning and studying, we’re also looking for…

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Fall Home Checklist

by Craig Hoffman | Tuesday October 27, 2020 | Building Tips

Quarry View Building Group loves autumn. It’s a season of transitions as the weather turns chillier and the days grow shorter. The long days of summer are a memory but our icy winter is not ready quite yet. Now is…

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Choosing the Wrong Contractor Case Study

by Craig Hoffman | Thursday September 17, 2020 | Building Tips

Starting any construction project with a quality contractor like Quarry View Building Group is key to a successful project. Fortunately most contractors like Quarry View Building Group are skilled and experienced craftspeople that will build your house on-time and on-budget.…