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Schwenkfelder Barn Move / Restoration

by Jeff Reimold | Friday August 20, 2021 | Agriculture

It’s a rare opportunity to move an old barn to a new site, 20 miles from where it was originally built in the 1820’s! Our construction team dismantled the barn, beam-by-beam, carefully marked each piece, and moved it to the…

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Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center Barn Rebuild

by Craig Hoffman | Thursday December 10, 2020 | Commercial

Quarry View Building Group has completed one of its most impactful projects that will continue to educate and delight visitors for many years to come. The Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center campus expansion included the construction of a new 38,000-square-foot…

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River Mountain Retreat Update

by Craig Hoffman | Wednesday October 28, 2020 | Commercial

Nestled in the Black Valley of south-central Bedford County along Sweet Root Creek, the 142-acre River Mountain Retreat is the first-ever “work play outpost” of personalized outdoor experiences with work amenities for those needing a connection to home or office.…

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Planning an Event Venue

by Craig Hoffman | Wednesday May 13, 2020 | Building Tips

Do you accept any party or wedding invitation you receive? Are you always hosting dinner parties, wedding showers, and holiday-themed get-togethers? Maybe you’re just an extrovert that loves to organize and host events, otherwise called “entertaining”. If you’ve answered yes…

Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center Barn Rebuild

by Craig Hoffman | Friday November 1, 2019 | Specialty

Old is new again at the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center. They’ve partnered with Quarry View Building Group to dismantle, transport and rebuild an early-19th century barn as part of a major expansion of their facility in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. Schwenkfelder…

Quarry View New Project Spotlight

by Craig Hoffman | Friday November 1, 2019 | Commercial

Quarry View Building Group is excited to announce its latest partnership with River Mountain, an exciting new youth wellness retreat designed to get children off digital screens and out into nature to create a life-tech balance. River Mountain in Everett,…


The Historic Rosemont Manor Estate Gains a New Wedding Barn Venue

by Ben King | Friday February 1, 2019 | Event Venues

Weddings have always been a part of Historic Rosemont Manor. In fact, in 1811 the first section of the house served as a belated wedding present for the original land owners’ daughter from her new husband. Since then, the magnificent…

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Multi-Use Barn in New Hope, PA Serves as a Haven for Dogs and a Stable for Horses

by Ben King | Thursday October 25, 2018 | Equestrian

The Challenge: A look at the building before construction. Our customer, Tom Marotta, wanted to remodel the existing horse barn on his property into a place where he could keep rescue dogs. Tom had several specific…

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New Greenlin Pet Resort Features Indoor Swimming Pool With Soundproof Durable Play Area and Cozy Sleeping Quarters

by Ben King | Friday July 27, 2018 | Specialty

The newest Greenlin Pet Resort on Lambs Gap Road in Mechanicsburg, PA offers the luxury and amenities all good pets deserve. The upscale resort for dogs and cats is a two-story facility. The main floor includes a reception area and…