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14 Interesting Horse Facts You May Not Know

by Ben King | Wednesday September 7, 2016 | Equestrian

Horse racing is a popular sport for gamblers and horse breeders alike. The overall goal is for jockeys to outrun their competition. But horse racing is so much more than just hooves pounding down the track.

From the history of horse racing to some horse facts you may not know, this piece is packed with sugar cubes of wisdom.

7 Lesser Known Facts About Horse Racing

  1. 1. Chariot racing became an Olympic sport circa 680 BC.
  2. 2. The original Santa Anita Park racetrack (1907) is now present day Arcadia Park.
  3. 3. There have been seven years it’s been impossible to win the Triple Crown, due to certain races being held on the same days.
  4. 4. Horses with names that begin with “S” have had the most success in the Kentucky Derby, with 19 horses winning through 2015.
  5. 5. Only three Kentucky Derby winners have ever been fillies, as of 2015.
  6. 6. The lowest weighing jockey was 49 lbs.
  7. 7. The legal use of performance-enhancing drugs in racehorses is one of the largest contributing factors of horse casualties in American racing.

7 Random Horse Facts

From brains to brawn, check out these useful tidbits on horse anatomy and horse care.

  1. 1. The average weight of an adult horse’s brain is 22 oz, less than half that of the human brain (approx. 48 oz).
  2. 2. Colic in horses can be attributed to the horses eating mown grass clippings.
  3. 3. Horses with white hair and/or pink skin are more likely to get sunburn.
  4. 4. Humans began domesticating horses in 3000 BC.
  5. 5. There are eight known blood types among horses.
  6. 6. All horses have parasites naturally living inside of them. These parasites only pose a threat if not controlled.
  7. 7. Buttercups are poisonous to horses.

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