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What to Include in Your Horse’s Stall: Necessities and More

by Ben King | Friday July 1, 2016 | Equestrian

You know what they say: Happy horse, happy life. Okay, so maybe that’s not a real saying, but we think it should be.

As a horse owner, you understand how important the right stall and accessories are for keeping your equine friends happy and healthy. Here’s what to include in your horse’s stall.

Horse Stall Necessities

When you own a horse or are planning to own a horse, these items are absolutely essential for its stall and care to create a comfortable environment.

  • Bedding
    Hay and straw are popular, economic choices, plus they’re easy to remove when soiled. Wood shavings are another common bedding option. You’ll find many wood-based selections, varying by consistency, appearance, and absorbency. Never use wood shavings made from trees containing toxic parts: black walnut, yew, etc. Always purchase bedding from a supplier knowledgeable about horses.


  • Bucket or Waterer
    Give your horse access to clean water at all times with at least one (ideally two) water buckets. Basic water buckets are economical and simple to install. Automatic waterers supply fresh drinking water without the labor of filling buckets several times each day. Auto waterers may also come with options like heaters or water consumption meters.


  • Feeder
    Horse stall feeders come in a wide range of styles, from basic racks to auto feeders. An auto-style feeder can help reduce labor and waste. Some auto feeders will even accommodate dry medications and supplements. One drawback to this type of upgraded feeder is that it requires daily checkups to ensure it’s working properly and not under- or overfeeding the horse.


  • Cleaning Supplies
    Brooms and forks are go-to tools for managing stall bedding and waste. A muck bucket is also a must-have item for any horse stall.

Horse Stall Extras

Although not necessary, these features and accessories make caring for your horse and maintaining a pleasing atmosphere much easier.

  • Overhead Fan
    Air flow is essential in any stall. Fans are often used to beat back stagnant odors and create cool air flow during humid and hot weather. Standing fans can help move air around a stall area, but they often come with a tangle of cords—as well as additional noise. Overhead fans, which are hard-wired into the barn, are a convenient way to circulate air and keep horses cooler without sacrificing safety.
  • Dutch Door
    The top segment of this door style can be opened while the bottom portion stays closed. Not only is the barn Dutch door charming, it adds ventilation and natural lighting to the stall while keeping the horse safe inside.
  • Floor Mats and Grids
    These floor coverings reduce stall cleaning by channeling urine to a drain. As a bonus, they often provide enough additional cushioning that you may be able to use less bedding in the stall.
  • Wheeled Cart
    Streamline grooming and tack by using a wheeled cart to hold your supplies. This cuts down on back-and-forth to the tack room, and it saves wear and tear on your muscles and joints.
  • Tack Rack
    Another option is to keep your supplies within easy reach with a tack rack. You’ll find many options for your horse stall. Some racks are adjustable; others offer organizational baskets or shelves to keep grooming supplies, brushes, and more.
  • Dry Erase Board
    Mount a dry erase board outside the stall so you can share care notes or messages with staff, riders, and others.

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