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Why You Should Hire a Barn Specialist

by Ben King | Tuesday December 27, 2016 | Building Tips

Whether you’ve been dreaming about a specific barn your entire life or aren’t quite yet sure what type of structure you want, hiring a builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Don’t trust just any contractor to design and build your new barn.

Why partner with barn building specialists on your project?

1. Barn-Specific Expertise

Virtually anyone with a plan and some tools can throw together a basic barn. But when you work with barn building specialists, you invest in the expertise that comes with working closely with equestrian and outdoor enthusiasts. For example, specialists will help you decide which type of stall door is best for you and your horses. You’ll benefit from their expertise on barn features like tack rooms, foaling boxes, and even fire safety (it’s estimated that since 2006, 500 horses have died in U.S. barn fires!).

2. Fewer Logistical Headaches

Regular contractors may not have the experience to handle necessary permits for new barns. Professional barn builders are familiar with the permit process and will know how to submit needed documentation with minimal inconvenience to you.

3. Customization Know-How

When you’re building a new barn, one-size-fits-all may not fit you one bit. Factors like building site, environmental sustainability, and your own personal preferences may make a custom-designed barn the smarter investment. A barn building specialist will gather information about your needs, concerns, and budget. From there, the team will design a barn just for you. Plus, let’s face it: if you’ve been dreaming about a new barn since you were a little tyke, you deserve a facility that makes your childhood vision a reality.

4. Building Maintenance

A high-quality barn builder won’t disappear after the last nail is pounded in. Partner with a builder who will be there to answer your questions before, during, and after the building process. You get peace of mind knowing that if the barn sustains, say, weather damage, help, guidance, or repairs are just a phone call away.

5. Barn Construction Experience

In many areas, general contractors offer little or no specific barn construction expertise. A barn building specialist brings proven skills to the project, particularly if the team incorporates generations-old Amish barn building techniques into its process.

Since 2008, Quarry View Construction has used a combination of modern technology and old world building techniques to design and construct barns and equestrian facilities. Let’s talk about making your dream barn a reality.