Hazards in Horse Stable Construction

by Jane DelBianco | Thursday May 2, 2024 | Equestrian

You’ve been thinking about it for a long time. It’s always been a dream of yours.
You found the ideal property and now it’s time to build. But how? You’ve seen so many facilities over the years, and definitely recognize the barns that function marginally. If you’ve been lucky, you’ve also seen some magnificent barns. What should you focus on first and how do you build a barn free of hazards?

Finding the right builder is critical, and when dealing with horses and other livestock, working with a builder with years of animal experience is a significant asset. The Equestrian Construction team at Quarry View Building Group has extensive personal experience with many types of animals, including horses, ponies, goats, donkeys, and cattle. They understand the space requirements, not only for stalls, but the necessary service rooms needed for the barn to function properly.

Starting with the microclimate of your farm, have you evaluated the prevailing winds? From which direction storms hit? The soils of your property? Wetlands? The natural airflow through the barn? All have to be taken into consideration when deciding on a site for your new facility.

You will never regret having a dry barn. A simple sentence, but a dry barn solves many of the medical issues involving all livestock, particularly horses. Setting the barn at the right height with the necessary drainage around the barn helps prevent respiratory, mold, and hoof issues. When building a barn, we take into account every season. Think of your barn in the middle of February, and the issues commonly faced then, not on a lovely spring or summer day.

Moving on to the design of your barn, where are you going to store your hay? If you answered the hayloft, you’ve just added a fire hazard and a significant amount of dust to your barn. Consider having it in an adjacent building to cut down on both of these hazards.

Are your planned stalls large enough for your horses? How often will you get feed deliveries? Do you have enough room to store that? Enough room for your tack? Adequate planning prevents horses from casting themselves and humans from trips and falls.

Electricity – are you aware that exposed barn wiring can be a hazard if not the right type? We consult with our network of experienced electricians for each specific application,

We all know water is key to the health of all animals. Is your existing well rated for the amount of water you will consume with the number of horses? Don’t forget about the wash stall usage! How are you going to prevent your pipes from freezing?

Fencing – hazards abound here from improper type, planning, installation and maintenance. Our professionals can help prevent fencing pitfalls too.

Does the thought of making all these decisions, and many more, make your head spin? Our team will work with you to find the right location and design for your dream build. We have trusted professionals on hand from civil engineering to fencers and everything included with the building so you don’t have to worry about hazards, just having your dream barn become a reality. Call us today to start making that dream happen!