Mass timber beams

Sustainable Construction With Mass Timber

by Laurel Charney | Wednesday September 27, 2023 | Commercial

mass timber construction on site in VAAs a company with years of experience in the construction industry, we have had the privilege of being part of various unique projects – whether it be preserving historic buildings, crafting state-of-the-art equestrian barns + arenas, or building a new timber frame structure. In one of our most recent endeavors as a specialty contractor, we partnered with Whiting-Turner and Carpentry Plus Inc on a mass timber project in Virginia that has been nothing short of extraordinary!

Mass timber is a game-changer in the construction industry. Unlike traditional construction materials like steel and concrete, mass timber offers unparalleled environmental benefits. It is renewable, sequesters carbon, and requires significantly less energy to manufacture. Moreover, the aesthetics of timber construction are simply breathtaking, adding warmth and natural beauty to the built environment.

Working with mass timber requires precision and close collaboration with other trades. The wooden components are not only large but also intricate, demanding meticulous attention to detail.

arial view of mass timber construction project

Precision cutting and placement are paramount to ensure the structural integrity of the building. As the general contractor, Whiting-Turner knew that the mass timber team would need to be composed of experts in the field. The team would need to be efficient, knowledgeable, and skilled to get the job done well. It’s been an honor to partner with Carpentry Plus Inc to create the team and results that Whiting-Turner required. 

The mass timber project in Virginia goes beyond being just another construction project; it is a symbol of what sustainable architecture can achieve. It serves as a beacon of inspiration for future builders, architects, and developers looking to reduce the ecological footprint of their projects.

Working together with Carpentry Plus Inc and Whiting-Turner for this mass timber project has been an incredible experience. Mass timber, with its environmental advantages and aesthetic appeal, is poised to revolutionize the construction industry, and we are proud to have been a part of this transformative endeavor. As builders, we hold the key to shaping a more sustainable future, and projects like this one are lighting the way forward!