Design Build vs Design Assist – Which is Best for my Project?

by Laurel Charney | Friday January 5, 2024 | Building Tips

Choosing Between Design Build and Design Assist Construction Companies

In the realm of construction, two prevalent project delivery methods stand out: Design Build and Design Assist. Each method brings its unique approach, offering distinct advantages tailored to different project requirements. Understanding the differences between these methodologies is pivotal in selecting the most suitable avenue for your construction endeavors.

Design Build Construction Companies

Design Build encapsulates a streamlined process where a single entity oversees both the design and construction phases of a project. This unified approach involves collaboration between architects, engineers, and construction professionals under one umbrella organization or a closely-knit team. This cohesive structure presents several advantages:

Seamless Integration: Design Build companies foster collaboration from the project’s inception, enabling a seamless integration of design and construction. This process often results in efficient communication, swift decision-making, and a cohesive vision, reducing potential conflicts and expediting project timelines.

Single-Point Accountability: With a singular entity responsible for the project, accountability is consolidated, reducing the likelihood of disputes between various parties involved. This clarity in responsibility can lead to smoother project execution and quicker issue resolution.

Cost and Time Efficiency: The Design Build model often boasts improved cost and time efficiency. The concurrent nature of design and construction allows for faster project completion, minimizing delays and change orders.

Design Assist Construction Companies

Design Assist, on the other hand, maintains a distinctive approach. Here, a construction team collaborates with the architect or designer during the early stages of a project to provide valuable insights into constructibility, materials, and methodologies. This collaboration adds several advantages to the construction process:

Early Contractor Involvement: Design Assist facilitates early involvement of the construction team. Their expertise is leveraged during the design phase, enabling proactive identification and resolution of potential construction challenges. This involvement often results in optimized designs, reducing costly modifications during the construction phase.

Enhanced Value Engineering: By engaging construction professionals early in the process, Design Assist allows for enhanced value engineering. This approach focuses on maximizing value by assessing cost-saving opportunities without compromising quality, functionality, or design intent.

Flexibility and Specialization: Design Assist offers flexibility in team selection, allowing clients to collaborate with specialized construction firms best suited to their project requirements. This flexibility enables clients to benefit from the expertise of contractors with specific skills and experience relevant to their project.


Choosing the Right Approach

The decision between Design Build and Design Assist often hinges on project complexity, timelines, budget constraints, and the client’s preferences. Projects demanding swift execution, streamlined communication, and a single point of contact might favor Design Build. Conversely, intricate projects benefiting from early contractor involvement, specialized expertise, and value engineering might lean towards Design Assist.

Ultimately, both methodologies offer distinct advantages that can be tailored to suit specific project needs. Understanding these differences empowers clients to make informed decisions, ensuring the successful execution of construction endeavors.

In conclusion, the choice between Design Build and Design Assist construction companies rests upon a comprehensive assessment of project requirements, with both methodologies offering unique advantages aimed at delivering successful outcomes.

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