How Hiring a Professional Barn Builder Trumps Buying a Barndominium DIY Kit

by Craig Hoffman | Thursday July 8, 2021 | Building Tips

Barndominiums offer the convenience and flexibility to live and work in the same multi-functional space. That extra room can be used for a workshop, garage or storage area. Some barndominium owners build them to be close to their horses. Others use the extra space for equipment or vehicles. However they’re used, barndominiums are becoming a popular option for living and working.

If you like the idea of the barndominium lifestyle, searching on Google will query a plethora of ideas for how to proceed. You’ll find a lot of prefabricated options in the DIY-style of home building and improvement. On the other hand, you’ll find quality builders like Quarry View Building Group that can design a custom barndominium based on your wants and needs.

Which path is better for your barndominium plans? We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options for you to make the best choice.

DIY Barndominiums
Most DIY barndominiums come as a pre packaged kit. They’re typically made from steel and come in various shapes and sizes depending on what you choose. They usually have an open floor plan for mixed-use activities.

In reality, their metal construction doesn’t resell well on the market and can present difficulties in zoning regulations due to its steel construction. Those metal materials do not filter out the sound that occurs outside of barndominium well. In fact, the sound that is heard in the barndominiums will get louder.

This can make DIY barndos unsuitable for residential use. Your interior will have no privacy if more than two people are left in one barndominium. If you are planning to create a multi-story metal home, think twice! Metal homes are not fit for multi-story buildings and are at risk for corrosion, especially in more tropical climates as metal materials need to be maintained to prevent damage. Finally, these steel structures are susceptible to fatigue and can become brittle over time.

Because DIY barndominiums are single-story, they offer less customizable features. That warehouse-style layout and its accompanying open floor space will need to be divided after it is built. Due to its open-spaced layout, a kit will most likely be zoned as commercial rather than residential, leading to additional costs, like installing and maintaining fire sprinklers.

Custom Barndominium
As with any custom home or commercial building, a barndominium built by a professional barn builder offers more flexibility in the design as opposed to DIY kits. You can choose from thousands of options for interior/exterior functionality, including a second floor, loft, or other elevated area inside the building.

Custom barndominiums allow you to choose the exterior building materials. How about adding some stone or brick? Custom really shines in its ability to mix design and materials to suit your tastes. Many residential-style barns are made with extensive use of timber framing on the exterior and inside to provide a warm, natural feel that can’t be replicated with steel.

Custom building includes smaller details that add to the overall aesthetic like cabinetry, fixtures and landscaping. Adding thoughtful details is part of the custom building process. These options are perfect for the creative consumer that is tired of the cookie cutter look and searching for a real home that will hold and likely increase its value over time.

DIY or Custom
As with any home building project, attempts at DIY depend on many factors. Are you a handy person that can wield a hammer and nail with ease? Do you have the time to devote to, not only planning your barndominium but also its construction?

Along with the actual barn structure, there are many key parts to making it a livable space for humans that needs to be considered, including:

– Sewer
– Plumbing
– Electrical
– Masonry
– Landscaping

Your level of expertise may prohibit you from tackling any of these critical home functions solo. There are also permitting and regulatory issues to deal with that can be time-consuming and expensive if left to the last minute. Taking on projects outside the scope of one’s expertise can lead to costly issues that will require a professional fix. It can cost more in the long run to take shortcuts.

And, if you’re planning on living with your four-legged friends, adding the stalls, tack rooms, wash bays and storage areas needs to be considered. You’ll also have occupancy restrictions without providing adequate ventilation, fire suppression and drainage to your new barndominium.

Go Custom With Quarry View Building Group
The DIY barndominium industry exists for a reason. Costs associated with prefabricated metal buildings are lower than traditional wood and concrete. Aspiring barndo owners that have the time and talents to build themselves are making it happen. If you’re considering a larger structure with dual human and horse living, leaving the design and construction to barn craftspeople will ultimately build you a showcase you’ll be proud of for years to come.

The choice of custom barndominium builder is made easier by working with Quarry View Building Group. Our skill and experience in building barndominiums, agricultural, equine and residential buildings gives our clients the peace-of-mind their project is done with quality and care. We have all the details on how your next project will be a dream come true. Contact us today!